Commodities Supplemental Food Program

Did You Know:

  • Food insufficient elderly have consistently lower mean intakes of 19 nutrients, significantly so for 12 nutrients, including energy, protein, carbohydrate, saturated fat, riboflavin, magnesium and zinc, iron, vitamins B-6 & B12 and niacin.
  • Food insecure elderly persons are 2.33 times more likely to report fair/poor health status and had higher nutrition risks.
  • Nearly 3 million seniors receive emergency food assistance each year.
  • Nearly 29 percent of seniors have had, at some point, to choose between foods and paying for medical care; 31 percent have had to choose between food and paying for heat and/or utilities.
  • Numerous studies have confirmed a negative, consistent association between food insecurity and nutritional and health status of elderly.

CSFP is a USDA program which provides foods purchased and distributed by the USDA to Seniors who are sixty and over.

What will be received in food package?

  • Milk - UHT and non fat dry milk
  • Fruits and Vegetables - canned fruits and vegetables, bottled juice
  • Cereal
  • Canned meats and peanut butter
  • Cheese
  • Macaroni and/or spaghetti and/or rice

Eligibility & Application:
To be eligible for CSFP, all applicants must reside within the state where CSFP is operating. They must meet the income guidelines under existing federal regulations. To be eligible for benefits the applicant must be elderly (60 years or older.) Persons applying for the program must bring documented proof of income, residence, and age. Nutrition education is offered as part of the program, with special emphasis on the nutritional needs of the individual.

Non Discrimination Statement

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